We specialize in buying and selling real estate found in estates/probate in the Southern California area. If you have been appointed the Personal Representative or in the process of being Personal Representative of an estate then we can help you sell the real estate you’ve inherited.

First, let us take a moment to offer our sincerest condolences on the passing of your loved one. While we know this can be a very emotionally sensitive period, we also understand you may be facing some serious decisions, which we can assist you with. In these situations, there is often real estate property that must be sold in order to pay taxes, pay any outstanding liabilities and to pay the legitimate heirs.

Our team is prepared to do what is best for you and the estate.

Quick Cash Offer and Sale
When the estate has to quickly satisfy creditors or legitimate heirs, selling the property for cash is an attractive option. If you find this is your top priority then we can buy your property in its “as-is” condition with no repairs or clean up needed. We will pay cash and all your closing costs and close in 30 days or less. There are zero fees or real estate commissions paid with this option.

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To schedule an appointment to meet with The Carson Street Capital team, please call 1-800-900-3342.


You have enough to deal with. Sell us your inherited home and we’ll give you a fair, market-based offer and pay you cash—in as soon as seven days. The condition of the property doesn’t matter, even if it needs professional cleaning or large repairs. Are tenants currently renting the property? Still not a problem. We’ll buy it in its current condition and you won’t have to lift a finger getting it ready to sell.

Selling an inherited house to us will save you time and costly repairs, you also won’t have to list the house, try to find qualified buyers, or pay any real estate agent fees. Selling your inherited home to us, whether it’s in probate or not, is the fastest and easiest solution when you suddenly have inherited home on your hands. And when you’re dealing with a loss, some extra cash can help greatly.


When you decide to sell an inherited house to us, we’ll do all the hard work. Contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions and walk you through the process. First, we’ll send someone over to your property to take some pictures and gather information about the property. Then we’ll make you a fair market-based offer, on California’s current market, which you are under no obligation to accept. If you do accept the offer, we’ll move the sale along quickly, often in as little as seven days.

At the closing, you’ll have cash in hand. And you’re all done. You’ll be able to move onto whatever it is you really wish you were doing instead of taking care of an inherited home. And as simple as our process is, isn’t it worth giving us a call to hear our offer? We are sure you’re going to like what you’ll hear.


We understand you’re going through a difficult time and you have a lot to deal with. If you feel that doing costly repairs, renting out, or maintaining an inherited home is too much work at the moment, we can buy it from you right away. To get an offer, complete our contact form or give us a call at 800-900-3342. We can buy your home so quickly it’ll almost seem like you’ve inherited cash. And a cash injection could be just what you need to follow your dreams.

Inheriting a house can be a very stressful time. You suddenly have a home you never wanted on your hands—and all the problems that come along with it. Just what are you supposed to do about all these problems like titles, multiple heirs, wills, or probate? What if the place is messy or needs extensive expensive repairs? It can be a lot to handle, and all the while you’re going through a loss. Selling the inherited house in California, even during probate, can allow you to turn your complicated asset into quick cash.


Things looked grim until Vince took over. He handled every detail of the deal impeccably, even got the property re-painted, carpeted and floored, all in excellent taste aimed at selling, all without our having to travel to oversee anything. Can’t say enough about his professionalism, smarts, taste, and good nature. Oh, and we got a price way over asking, not that that’s important or anything.

James G. - Garden Grove CaliforniaSelling a Long Beach property that was in probate

It has been a pleasure having dealt the with Carson Street Capital team. They were referred to me by my Attorney and it was the best decision made. They are very kind, patient, detailed and looked out for my best interest. I was informed throughout the entire process.. It is my honor to refer them to anyone who is interested in selling their property. I highly recommend if your looking to sell your inherited property you contact Carson street Capital.

Lisa M. - Lakewood CaliforniaReferred to me by my Attorney

Dan came highly recommended to me. Mine was a very complex situation involving probate, a reverse mortgage. Dan was very professional and assured me that he would do his best, which he did. He was always on time for appointments and answered my phone calls and emails promptly. He put me at ease assuring me he would take care of everything and made me very comfortable. If you need real estate services, Dan is capable and efficient, by all means, give him a call.

Juan S. - Los Angeles CaliforniaMine was a very complex situation involving probate...

I am so glad I met the Carson Street Capital team! They were responsive, honest, and gave me a very fair offer. I spoke to three other investors and I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them.  When I met Vince he made me feel comfortable and explained the process in great detail. I’m so glad I decided to go with him and his company.
Thank you Carson Street Capital Team!!!

Betty R. - Santa Monica CaliforniaThey were responsive, honest...


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